Arriving Kathmandu

Arriving at Kathmandu Tribhuvan Airport

On landing at Kathmandu Tribhuvan Airport you will exit the aeroplane by stairs onto an awaiting bus which will ferry you round to the Arrivals building. If you already have a Nepal visa then make your way to a “with visa” kiosk. If like most people you are arriving without a visa then you should make your way to the visa payment desk with a print out of your online visa application (see our visas page). You will pay the appropriate amount dependant on the length of your stay in Nepal. You will then receive a receipt to show you have paid. Make your way across to a”without visa” Immigration kiosk and submit the following –

Visa Application Print out
Proof of Covid Vaccinations print out

When asked to you will stare at the camera and the officer will take your photograph. They will then hand back to you your passport with the appropriate visa stamp in it.

From there make your way down the escalator towards the luggage carousels. You will be asked to pass your belonging through an x-ray machine. Find yourself a trolley and check the screen to see which carousel your flights luggage will be on. Once you have retrieved your luggage you can make your way towards the main entrance. You may be asked to run your luggage through one more x-ray machine. You will be asked for your luggage receipts and the numbers checked against your bags to make sure you have the correct luggage. They may X-ray your luggage, though often they waive tourists through as they are more interested in Taxing Nepalis with import duty for Middle East purchased products. Once you are passed the baggage check you will walk out into the throngs of waiting people. You will be asked if you need a taxi or hotel etc. By this time our Temples of Nirvana representatives should have seen you and they will greet you and escort you to your minibus for your transport to your hotel in Thamel.