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Welcome to Temples of Nirvana

The Himalayas are the highest and most spectacular mountain range in the world. They are home to eight of the ten highest mountains which are either in, or run along the border of Nepal. And in and amongst this spectacular mountain region of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet are many Temples, Monasteries, Stupas, Prayer flags and other many symbols of Tibetan Buddhism. Nepal is the birthplace of the Buddha himself and for the last 2500 years the people of this region have walked in his footsteps and created institutions to help teach his way.  Its a place where not only are mountains physically climbed but a place where people commit themselves with every breath to conquering the Mountains of the mind. Tibetan Buddhism runs through the veins of the Himalayas. The two are one of the same. 

At Temples of Nirvana we want to share with you this rich, spectacular and spiritual landscape. Our Tours and Treks are designed to give you something more than just tourist sightseeing or a walk in the mountains. We want your visit to the Himalayas to be an experience of enrichment for both body and mind.


Nepal. Birthplace of the Buddha and home to highest mountains in the world. All our Tours and Treks begin in the famous old city of Kathmandu. Whether you’re heading for Everest, The Annapurnas, Bhutan and Tibet you’ll start from Nepal. And where better to base yourself than a country that is feast to the eyes. Whether you’re here for the Himalayan Mountains, the Buddhist Temples, the Hindu Temples, for meditation there’ll never be enough time to do it all.


Bhutan. Land of the Thunder Dragon. Land of Mountains, and Temples and Pagoda style monasteries. A land that measures its wealth by its gross national happiness. With a population of well less than a million and a tourist policy that limits the numbers that visit, you feel a sense of spaciousness in Bhutan. Bhutan doesn’t come cheap but its worth every penny. from the moment you arrive till the moment you leave you’ll be treated as a very special guest.


Tibet. The Land of Snows. The home of Tibetan Buddhism and the 14 Dalai Lamas that have resided there for hundreds of years. To the North of the Himalayas and bordering Mount Everest on the Tibetan Plateau, it is a fusion of stunning landscapes and incredible Buddhist Temples & Monasteries. And in and amongst the wealth of high Himalayan panoramas resides the holiest of mountains. The Pilgrimage to Kailash is a must for Buddhists and Hindus alike.


India is a feast for the senses. There is nowhere to surpass this wonderful country when it comes to religious and spiritual diversity. Wherever you visit in India you are reminded of what a great geographical, historical and religious nation this is. Temples, Mausoleums, Monasteries, Mountains, Forts, Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Buddha, The Ganges. The list is endless. Our trips in India are taylored to enable you to visits all the Buddhist Pilgrimage sites